Quisby 650B

Fresh Quisby! This one is with Sliding dropouts and designed with a longer travel fork in mind. 130mm worth of buttery travel upfront. A sexy glittery powder coat to cover this bad boy, too. Yummy.


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Quixxote 29er

Test Pilot Eli from University Bicycle Center with the Quixxote 29er, full rigid single speed.
Note, the down tube decals have been installed in photo was taken.

29er BB area

29er Tubeset
Tubeset ready for cuts and to become a 29er MTB.

29er BB area

This frame will feature an offset seat-tube/BB junction to allow for additional tire clearance with short chainstays.

29er Dropouts

This 29er will be a disc brake specific single speed.


Rolling through.

A few projects have finished since my last post. Dave's Fixed Fight 3 "Prize Fighter" is completed and at the powder-coater.
I refinished an older Centurion for a friend, along with a new powder-coat.
I also built up a dirt-jumper that is yet to be named. The DJ is equipped with sliding dropouts for single speed use, but is fully capable of becoming a geared bicycle.
Quijano Bike Co DJ

Quijano Bike Co DJ
Quijano Bike Co DJ
Quijano Bike Co DJ This is my first attempt at a wish-bone style seat stay configuration.
Fixed Fight 4 has also come and gone, and for 2010 I offered yet another customer frame to the victor. That person being Mr. Pete Young. We spoke briefly, but the gist is he is wanting a single speed cyclocross bike. Details are not nailed down, so the tubing selection hasn't even begun yet.


Prize Fighter is getting finished!

Just a few more hours worth of work left on David's Prize Fighter.
As it sits right now.
Prize Fighter
Prize Fighter
Prize Fighter
I saw Dave at a local shop the other night and he is itching with anticipation!
H2O Bosses are brazed in as well as his internal hub housing routing. I still need to add the fender eyelets, bridges and brake routing. BOMBER.


Frames have shipped.

Brandon is out in Colorado now and riding his 650B Quisby.

And Mike is in Houston enjoying his 26" Qustom.
I used a set of Surly Instigator dropouts, but removed a large amount of material to bring the weight down.

Both bikes were a blast to build, and I am proud to now have folks riding my bikes in 4 states.
There are a few new bikes in the Queue, so keep coming back!


26" Hardtail.

Mike's hardtail is welded up. At least the front triangle. I haven't gone to bed before 3am yet this week. I was really rocking yesterday, and was just in the zone. Laying down some clean welds is ultra motivating. Images below.

I have some photography to work on this weekend, so I may not get to the rear tri until next week. We'll see. Like I said, it's going ultra smooth so I may be working on it sooner than expected.


David's FF3 Frame.

I've finally gotten around to David's frame. This custom frame is the prize for Fix Fight 3 held in St Pete back in April. Dave went back and forth between a fixed frame or a cross frame, but has landed on a single speed road frame.
He'll be getting double butted tubing throughout, Tange chain stays, 1.125" headtube, and split dropouts so he can one day run a belt drive. It is the way of the future, and Dave will be prepared.
I began work yesterday, and welded the BB to the seat tube, and cobbled his seat tube lug as well. The head tube is cut to length and vent holes drilled. The HT will get some custom work done, too. And the seat tube isn't yet finished either. Stay tuned.


Another frame begins.

As the title states I have begun another frame.
Mr Mike wanted to go 26" hardtail and is replacing a Specialized Hardrock SS. Big time upgrade. Double butted crmo tubing through out and this time I am using some Surly Instigator dropouts. They will be getting drilled out to get rid of body fat. I've beend sitting on these for a couple years and this seems like a good project for them.
Hroch Frame

I managed to get the seat tube welded to the BB shell as well as the seat tube sleeve brazed on.
Hroch Frame

Hroch Frame

I got to use a new fixture for the seat tube/bb weld, and it produced a quick, straight result. I was using my frame fixture, but there were too many possible variables to cause a misalignment. I checked it afterward on my stone block I use for alignment and it was spot on! I'm working super late, so now it's time for a shower then bed.



Mark's frame is coming together. He's super interested in the process, but since I use ultra crude, and very basic mitering and cutting methods he hasn't swung by to witness the process.
In other news, Mr Mark and his family welcomed a new addition this past weekend. Congrats Mark and family!
Here is Mark's Quisby as it stands.
Chainstay clearance, with 2.3 Neo-Moto at 16.5"

I also finished my son's kick bike. I assembled it to make sure fit was good (for now). It will be heading to the powdercoater for a spray next week. I built the frame and handle bar.
The wheels are 8" cart wheels, and I used a 12" fork and just moved the dropouts and cut off the excess fork.
Images after paint will be up when that happens.


Fixed Frame Done

Just waiting for the sticker to be delivered.

Get Funky.
Funk's LudditeFunk's Luddite
Funk's Luddite
Funk's LudditeFunk's LudditeFunk's LudditeFunk's Luddite

Mark's frame is underway!

The seat tube is finished, with an integrated seatpost clamp and H2O bosses. We are using a 73mm BB shell to increase tire clearance and keep a short CS length. Similar to a 26" wheeled MTB. The CS length will be variable since the dropouts will be a sliding style. I mitered the top tube at the seat tube, and next comes the Head tube's miter.
H2O Bosses
Seat Tube and BB in Jig
TT and Seat Tube junction
The line drawn on the TT inticates where the tube's wall thickness changes. It is important to be aware of this change. We're using OX Platinum for the main tubes to keep things strong and light weight for Mark!

Last night I also added cantilever mounts to a local guys Surly Steam Roller. Pete wanted better braking for skids on the polo court. He picked up his bike this after noon with a huge smile on his face. I added he mounts, installed a Avid brake, and Pete bought some very crazy handle bars off me for his newly modified Steamroller.


The Next Quisby

All of Mr. Marks tubing is in, in exception for his seat tube 'lug'. that will reinforce the seattube to prevent tube failure.
He will be using the new IRD sliding dropouts, modeled after the Eric Baar (of Ground Up Designs) slider. Mark wanted to keep this frame very clean and simple. He is coming from riding a BMW park bike with 24", so I wanted to go a little beefier than a standard XC design. I know this bike will get some air-time. Mark rides a FS Rocky Mountain with 26" wheels but all of his (2) hardtails are 24" wheeled bikes. This will become Mark's primary hardtail trail bike.
Here are a few images of his tubeset.

Mark Quisby
Mark Quisby
Mark Quisby

Brandon's Quisby is at the painter's. He's getting a wet paint rather than a powdercoat. Photos when it returns!