The Next Quisby

All of Mr. Marks tubing is in, in exception for his seat tube 'lug'. that will reinforce the seattube to prevent tube failure.
He will be using the new IRD sliding dropouts, modeled after the Eric Baar (of Ground Up Designs) slider. Mark wanted to keep this frame very clean and simple. He is coming from riding a BMW park bike with 24", so I wanted to go a little beefier than a standard XC design. I know this bike will get some air-time. Mark rides a FS Rocky Mountain with 26" wheels but all of his (2) hardtails are 24" wheeled bikes. This will become Mark's primary hardtail trail bike.
Here are a few images of his tubeset.

Mark Quisby
Mark Quisby
Mark Quisby

Brandon's Quisby is at the painter's. He's getting a wet paint rather than a powdercoat. Photos when it returns!

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