Mark's frame is underway!

The seat tube is finished, with an integrated seatpost clamp and H2O bosses. We are using a 73mm BB shell to increase tire clearance and keep a short CS length. Similar to a 26" wheeled MTB. The CS length will be variable since the dropouts will be a sliding style. I mitered the top tube at the seat tube, and next comes the Head tube's miter.
H2O Bosses
Seat Tube and BB in Jig
TT and Seat Tube junction
The line drawn on the TT inticates where the tube's wall thickness changes. It is important to be aware of this change. We're using OX Platinum for the main tubes to keep things strong and light weight for Mark!

Last night I also added cantilever mounts to a local guys Surly Steam Roller. Pete wanted better braking for skids on the polo court. He picked up his bike this after noon with a huge smile on his face. I added he mounts, installed a Avid brake, and Pete bought some very crazy handle bars off me for his newly modified Steamroller.