Brandon's frame is nearing completion. I made a bonehead move and ran out of Oxygen and didn't fill my tank for a week. So, I was a bit behind schedule finishing BK's frame. We have most everything finished besides putting the stays on and adding a disc brake stay bridge. BK' s frame has a der tab, but no housing stops, he'll be running full housing if he wants to go 1x9.
Mark's tubeset is in house and I am picking up some straight gauge 4130 to 'slug' his seat tube. Images will explain the process. Mark chose OX platnium for his main triangle, and we also got a set of the new "S" stays from True Temper for his build. SHould be light and rad.

I brought home a 2ton press so I can experiment with custom bending my own stays. Most of the stuff available pre-bent is a little too 'S' like for my seat stay styling (for MTBs anyway).
Images to come.

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