Brandon's Quisby

BK's Quisby is nearing completion. Tonight we mitered the chainstays, I finished up the front triangles welds, and tacked the stays. We needed to do some filing on the jig in order to achieve the proper bb drop. Has Bringheli already made this change? I couldn't get a drop out, with a deraileur hanger, low enough. I had to file a section of aluminum out- about 3mm.
Anyways, we got it all setup and I did my thing with TIG. I've been out of practice so my first few frames back to TIG was pretty sloppy. I've worked out the bugs of my machine and myself and the welds are looking as great as ever. Like riding a bike. Or, making a bike, rather.
Here is aquick snap shot of BK's Quisby with a peirced toptube. My battery died as I moved in for a close up. Sorry. He will have clearance for 2.1" Fire XC Pros in 650b with the wheel slammed. Move it back a tad and plenty-o-room for the 2.3" Neo. Brandon is coming from a road background, so I think the Wolverine or Racing Ralph will suit his style the best. Thanks for stopping by!

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