The next project. The Q-Muter.

Hi all, I am beginning work on my next frame. This time around I wanted to shed some light on the process and post a pictorial as the frame and bike come together. I am using the same design and geometry as my cross bike, so I already had the drawing. This time I will be using an EBB and vertical dropouts with disc tabs. It will also have canti studs to match the current fork I have for this build. It will be a lugged steel frame using True Temper Tubing. The lugs are a Paramount Anniversary set a friend gave me. Feel free to ask any questions regarding this project, and I will post photos as things develop.
Quijano Bike Co. Q-Muter
Artsy shot.
Paramont Anniversary Lugset
Small Bits

Part 2

Ok, tonight I mitered the downtube and toptubes where they meet the headtube. Pretty routine. Lots of file action and such. Using lugs allows for some cheating, as the lug provides a method of tracing the miter. Very simple. BUT, you're pretty much stuck at using the lug's given angle.

More to come very soon!