Things are rolling!

Thanks for stopping by again.
We have a few frames built into completes. First came the cyclocross frame, the Qwjybo. Then the 650B MTB the Quisby. We've also got the 120Road frame the Luddite. The Luddy is waiting for paint, but the other 2 are built and being ridden. Below are some simple images of both built bikes. The Quisby is True Temper OX Platinum while the Qwjybo and Luddite are mixes from Reynolds and True Temper.
We have numerous tubing options with frames slated to begin production.
We have a Qwjybo in queue, and a flatland BMX frame on the drawing board, the QaBoom.
The next 2 frames will be photogaphed during the entire process. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.