The Q-Muter has been put on hold... Another fixed gear project has hit the shop.
Here is what has happened thus far:

Funk's new slab
This is the seatstay wishbone. I wanted to use one of these...
Funk's new slab
Long Shen lugs that will receive some custom carving...
Funk's new slab
Funk's new slab
The full sh-bang
Funk's new slab

The top has it's rough cuts, and the seat tube is ready to go. I'm going to do a little more shaping of the top headtube lug. Angles of the jig are set too. Clean up the cuts and cut the DT and I can tack the front triangle!
Funk's Frame

The front Triangle is ready to be brazed, and I have the wishbone ready to be cut to length.



This is a pretty traditional build. 25.4mm Top tube, and 28.6 Seat tube and down tube. We went with a Stainless steel Long Shen dropout that will end up having a polished dropout face, so no paint will be damaged when the wheel is clamped into the frame. As you can see in the last image the seat tube has been brazed to the BB shell.